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Resource for wholesale and discount  customers  Ebay and Etsy.


  • Hello everyone who has come in and looking for something special. This site made for customers Ebay and Etsy who wants more patterns, sizes and quantity(wholesale is possible). Working from here we can reach more close commulication and conditions for cooperation, more interesting prices.

  • Just download our price lists and make an order. We can add a listing Ebay or Etsy for your choise and send a link for you. And you can opportunity to buy our goods from this site with PayPal payment. The price will be lower cause we count minus fee of  auctions (Ebay or Etsy). We discuss  the way and the shipping of your order( UPS express or Ukrposhta). We always  get in touch for any questions easy.

  • We live and work in Ukraine and sell wear of national production. Our embroidered shirts, T-shirts, trousers, skirts love and wear a lot of men, women and children in the world.

  • We have a lot customers who has discount and we want to announce them and thank. So you can find yourself in discount table using  our search. Those  people can make orders from this site using they pirsonal link. The  discounter will get  the link-letter as an answer on request-order.
on 23 June 2019


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