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Technical specialists in Ukraine without work, thousand people.
100 thousand people
Lack of qualified engineers in Europe, thousand people
1.2 million people


Do you have technical profession? Are you one of engineers, inventors or expert of either manufacture? Unfortunately, today Ukraine can't find practise for your talent but it's not a reason to give up.

Our resourse proposes you ability to find work abroad in your speciality area on lead companies of Europe,USA amd Middle East. If you have a  technical diploma, work experience and big esteem and passion to your calling, you acquire a great possibilities to earn good money and live in civilization society doing your favor job. Also appear a chance for your family members.

The salary of engineers in the EU starts from 30 thousand euros per year.And lack of technical specialists really forces employers to war for them and raise the payment. So professionals especially in power engineering, electronics and IT domains has good chances for find job.

Employers also good know that system of engineer education in ex USSR is one of the best in the world. And your savvy and creative potential will be serious competitive advantage for their business.

Don't miss your unique chance for respectable life and creative growing!

on 11 July 2017
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