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Technical specialists in Ukraine without work, thousand people.
100 thousand people
Lack of qualified engineers in Europe, thousand people
1.2 million people

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Executive Search – direct search for specialists on target companies.

Direct search-is a method of recruiting personnel in which a recruiter seeks specialists not so much on databases as through his professional contacts.

We live in a global automation world, humanity enters the era of artificial intelligence and more and more work and tasks are delegated to machines. Any thinking enterprise manager or personnel manager understands the importance of people who has ability to design, create and operate high technologies. Ukraine is now very weak economically and politically unstable, but it has a large number of qualified technical specialists who have lost their jobs or are working on small salaries. The visa-free regime, which has been in effect since July 2017, has opened this labor market for the whole world, and for Ukrainians the possibility of labor migration. Our project is created to help people with experience in technical, high-tech occupations to continue their work at leading world enterprises and as part of creative teams.

We in Ukraine organize the initial selection of specialists, according to the criteria of our customers, after which we will organase (if necessary) an interview with an agent of the employer. As a result of the selection, job seekers will sign a contract and begin processing documents for going to work. We will conduct all necessary briefings and consultations for the easy movement of a person to the future workplace and adaptation to new rules and principles. Rights and responsibilities of the parties will be clearly indicated in the contracts, which will minimize the risks of the employer and the job seeker.

Sometimes we name ourself Headhunters, and we are ready to take responsibility for the competence of all specialist we work with.We  appreciate our reputation as a reliable partner and talent supplier to where they can show themselves to the fullest.

One of  department  of our site is dedicated to young talents who have a tendency  to exact sciences and technological professions (STEM). Now students of physical and mathematical lyceums and schools, who are in love with their first projects, are ready to become engineers and technologists in the future. We will show our visitors with the successes of young physicists, perhaps one of the employers will be able to discern in the young geniuses of their future employees. We are ready to help Ukrainian girls and boys to go to higher orbits, finding a difficult but interesting and promising profession on the hard way of a specialist.

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